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ELK Home 694018P Bamboo Wing Back Chair - Set Of 2

47"H x 24"W x 26"Deep

ELK Home 694509P Artifacts Side Chairs - Set Of 2

39"H x 24"W x 23"Deep

ELK Home 694525P Catskill Counter Stool

44"H x 25.5"W x 22.5"Deep


ELK Home 7011-1060 Dovetail 3 Drawer Chest

36"H x 48"W x 20"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1167 Knollys Desk

31"H x 42"W x 21"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1171 Olenska Side Table

30"H x 24"W x 16"Deep


ELK Home 7011-1508 Dovetail Side Chest

28"H x 26"W x 22"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1510 Dovetail 4-Door Cabinet

32"H x 72"W x 21.5"Deep


ELK Home 7011-1511 Stellenbosch Credenza

32"H x 72"W x 22"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1512 Stellenbosch Chest

36"H x 49"W x 22"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1514 Bang 2-Drawer Side Chest

32"H x 26"W x 22"Deep


ELK Home 7011-1515 Bang 4-Door Credenza

32"H x 72"W x 19"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1831 Swoops Chest - Small

27"H x 32"W x 18"Deep

ELK Home 7011-1849 Scott Coffee Table

18"H x 36"W x 36"Deep


ELK Home 7011-1850 Karen Coffee Table

18"H x 48"W x 28"Deep

ELK Home 7011-312 Tamara Accent Table

29"H x 24"W x 18"Deep

ELK Home 7011-956 St. Kitts Side Table

29"H x 26.5"W x 18"Deep


ELK Home 7011-965 St. Kitts Chest

36"H x 32"W x 17"Deep

ELK Home 7162-050 Backon Stool

29.9"H x 15.7"W x 16.5"Deep


ELK Home 7162-068 Vail Console Table

31.90000"H x 42.1"W x 16.1"Deep

ELK Home 7162-080 Marty Dark Chair

27.17"H x 25.6"W x 30.71"Deep

ELK Home 7162-081 Marty Light Chair

27.17"H x 25.6"W x 30.71"Deep


ELK Home 7162-086 Drift Bundle Coffee Table

15.75"H x 27.56000"W x 27.56000"Deep

ELK Home 7162-089 Patchwork Ottoman

17.72000"H x 13.78000"W x 13.78000"Deep

ELK Home 857-216 Rose-Colored Stool

28"H x 14"W x 14"Deep


ELK Home 9166-112 Graves Accent Table in Shiny Gold and Black

24.40000"H x 19.90000"W x 19.90000"Deep

ELK Home 9166-120 Dash Accent Table

19"H x 15"W x 15"Deep