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Meyda Island and Billiards Lighting

Meyda 121343 Pot Rack with Downlights

20-87.5"H x 42.5"W x 28.5"Deep

Meyda 121711 Spartan Pot Rack

30.5"H x 48"W x 22"Deep

Meyda 121922 Personalized Elvis Billiards Light

24-47"H x 39"W x 17"Deep


Meyda 122907 Trout & Fisherman Island Light

20-39.5"H x 61"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 122975 Elk at Lake 33" Long Oblong Pendant

18"H x 33"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 123291 Martini Island Light

18-40"H x 42"W x 13"Deep


Meyda 123933 Spartan Pot Rack

31"H x 26"W x 13"Deep

Meyda 124021 Bear At Lake Island Light

24-44"H x 50.5"W x 19.5"Deep

Meyda 124048 Quadrato Linear Pendant

14-206"H x 52.5"W x 5.5"Deep


Meyda 124867 Winter Pine Tall Pines Island Light

28.25"H x 45"W x 12"Deep

Meyda 125092 Elana Pot Racks

24-78"H x 46"W x 25"Deep

Meyda 125111 Ilona Island Light

33-70"H x 45.30000"W x 14"Deep


Meyda 125258 Harmony 32" Long 2 Light Pot Rack

25"H x 32"W x 18"Deep

Meyda 126125 Circle Cross Island Light

25-47"H x 48"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 126510 Quadrato Shadow Box Island Light

31-222"H x 48"W x 12"Deep


Meyda 127344 Pedra Island Light

33-102.5"H x 47"W x 11"Deep

Meyda 127374 Bandolei Island Light

24.75-50.75"H x 41.5"W x 10"Deep

Meyda 127434 Ovation Oblong Pendant

50-120"H x 48"W x 24"Deep


Meyda 127596 Pine Lake Oblong Inverted Pendant

41-70"H x 60"W x 20"Deep

Meyda 128028 Quail Hunter With Dog Island Light

16-45"H x 42"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 128216 Balsam Pine Reverse Painted Island Light

18-36"H x 30"W x 10"Deep


Meyda 128288 Quadrato Island oblong pendant

77"H x 54"W x 12.75"Deep

Meyda 128638 Personalized Evan's Island Light

16-44"H x 33"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 128660 Elk at Lake 33" Long Oblong Pendant

18"H x 33"W x 17"Deep


Meyda 128922 Moose At Lake Island Light

16-43.5"H x 33.25"W x 18.25"Deep

Meyda 129070 Bungalow Island Light

48"H x 39.75"W x 5"Deep

Meyda 129114 Van Erp Island Light

16-48"H x 35"W x 15"Deep


Meyda 130626 Bear At Lake Island Light

19-47.5"H x 33"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 130629 Roman Island Light

18-49"H x 35.5"W x 16"Deep

Meyda 130714 Winter Pine Tall Trees Island Light

30"H x 44.25"W x 11.75"Deep


Meyda 130752 Abilene Island Light

24-69"H x 35"W x 14"Deep

Meyda 130753 Abilene Island Light

24-69.5"H x 48"W x 14"Deep

Meyda 130983 Solaris Island/Billiards Light

55.75"H x 72.5"W x 31"Deep


Meyda 130984 Panache 60"L Oblong Pendant

43"H x 60"W x 14"Deep

Meyda 132043 Personalized Holdgrafer Island Light

18-45.5"H x 47.75"W x 17"Deep


Meyda 132767 Tall Pines Island Light

128"H x 59.75"W x 11.75"Deep

Meyda 132896 "T" Island Light

24"H x 48"W x 11.5"Deep


Meyda 133345 Steer Island Light

18-46"H x 33"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 133373 Deer Family & Eagle 32"L Island Light

54"H x 32"W x 22"Deep

Meyda 133419 Grand Terrace Island Light

24"H x 38"W x 17"Deep


Meyda 133883 Wild Horses Lighted Pot Rack

24.5"H x 48"W x 21"Deep

Meyda 134436 Duke Island Light

27.5-45"H x 59.5"W x 36"Deep


Meyda 134437 Wildlife At Pine Lake Lighted Pot Rack

20"H x 56"W x 34.5"Deep

Meyda 134575 Caiden Pot Rack

25-62"H x 42.5"W x 23"Deep

Meyda 135409 Laramie Lighted Pot Rack

39-83"H x 54"W x 38"Deep


Meyda 135505 Sunbury Island Pendant

27-86"H x 48"W x 10.25"Deep

Meyda 135573 Trails End Island Light

26-230"H x 48"W x 17"Deep


Meyda 135885 Metro Fusion Galatia Island Light

18-42.25"H x 44"W x 18"Deep

Meyda 136601 Mountain Range Island Light

16-44"H x 61"W x 17"Deep

Meyda 136728 Moose At Lake Island Light

18-42"H x 61"W x 17.5"Deep


Meyda 136776 Buffalo At Lake Island Light with Diffuser

18-142"H x 61.25"W x 17.25"Deep

Meyda 136923 Personalized Trucker's Island Light

18-75"H x 53.5"W x 20"Deep

Meyda 137411 Cira Lighted Pot Rack

29-33"H x 49.25"W x 22"Deep