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Mirrors 41" and Over Wide

Currey and Company 1088 Aline Mirror

42"H x 42"W x 1"Deep

Dimond 1114-244 Miramar Fireplace Mirror

55"H x 43"W x 1"Deep


Dimond 51-10163 Oversized Round Wood Mirror

64"H x 64"W x 4"Deep

Dimond 6100-003 Ring Framed Mirror

46.5"H x 46.5"W x 1"Deep

Dimond 7011-029 Ansonian Ansonia Floor Mirror

90"H x 42"W x 2"Deep


Dimond 7011-1056 Monaco Round Mirror

50"H x 50"W x 6"Deep

Dimond 7011-141 Bain Mirror

52"H x 52"W x 2"Deep


Dimond 7011-543 Altar Mirror

43"H x 55"W x 2"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-2004C Venetian Mirror

45"H x 59"W x 1"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-2005C Venetian Mirror

32.3"H x 42.5"W x 1"Deep


Elegant Lighting MR-3005C Modern Mirror

47.5"H x 47.5"W x 2"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-3185 Modern Mirror

31.5"H x 47"W x 4.5"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-3192 Modern Mirror

31.5"H x 49.6"W x 2.4"Deep


Elegant Lighting MR-3197 Modern Mirror

30.2"H x 41.5"W x 4.9"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-3314 Modern Mirror

30"H x 80"W x 2"Deep

Elegant Lighting MR-3348 Modern Mirror

35"H x 48"W x 1"Deep


Sterling 114-19 Clement Two-Tone Mirror

46"H x 46"W x 2"Deep

Sterling 3100-006 Classical Arch Top Mirror

91"H x 46"W x 4.7"Deep


Sterling 40-2470M Capetian Mirror

43"H x 55"W x 2"Deep

Sterling DM1949 Ladson Mirror

53"H x 43"W x 2"Deep

Sterling DM1986 White Wall Mirror

49"H x 49"W x 1"Deep


Sterling DM1989 Fairview Beveled Mirror

41"H x 41"W x 2"Deep

Wildwood 301212 Lorna Mirror

50.5"H x 50.5"W x 4"Deep