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About Us

In 1999 we started our first online business selling Tiffany style lamps and household products. After five years of successful e-commerce, we moved to a retail location in California and created a lovely little lighting showroom called Lamps Beautiful. That same year we went online with The combination of store and website gave us the opportunity to expand our lighting lines from Tiffany lamps to a wider range of products including crystal chandeliers, home decor items, outdoor lighting, and more lamp styles from Traditional to Contemporary. We were able to reach a national audience with our large selection of lighting and yet were able to offer the community something out-of-the-ordinary. We are proud of our product mix. It spans a range from high-concept designs to practical, everyday lighting--appropriate for dwellings from luxury homes to dormitories.

Lamps Beautiful aims to supply lighting and home decor that will bring beauty into the lives of our customers. A lamp is not only a beautiful object. The intelligent use of light within a home creates an atmosphere of beauty. To this end we have on staff an American Lighting Association-trained Lighting Specialist to help answer customer's questions.

Another of our aims is to provide a good customer experience. We think about how we would feel if we bought something online and needed to talk to someone about it. Would they care? Would they know what they are talking about? Would they be friendly? We are trying to give the kind of service we would expect to get if we were a customer.

Our vision for the future includes expanding our product selection, increasing the usefulness of our website, and continuing in our tradition of building good vendor and customer relations.