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James R. Moder

James R. Moder

About James R. Moder

James R. Moder is from Austria which is also the home of Swarovski, makers of the world's highest quality crystal. For almost half a century James R. Moder Crystal Chandeliers has been operating out of North America with a goal of providing value-priced high quality crystal lighting.

Crystal chandeliers of all sizes are available, as well as matching wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, pendants, vanity lights, floor and table lamps. Many old European traditional styles such as Maria Theresa are available as well as the contemporary Tekno collection, which uses colored crystal in various combinations.

There are several crystal levels to choose from. The highest level is Elements (formerly called STRASS) by Swarovski, manufactured in Austria. It is the purest, clearest, lead crystal available. Its facets are precision cut and when light hits it, beautiful rainbows of prismatic color explode. The next level of crystal is Spectra by Swarovski which is lead-free and also made in Austria. It's facets are also precision cut to lovely effect yet it costs less than Elements. A chandelier with the good quality, hand-cut Imperial crystal will contain a mixture of lead crystals from Austria, Czech Republic, and Egypt. Imperial crystal delivers sparkle and fiery prismatic color at excellent prices. The next level available is Regal crystal, which is a mixture of crystal from other sources. It is reasonably priced and has some slight prismatic color. Finally, there is Budget. This level allows a customer to purchase a chandelier with the exact same look and crystal facet cuts as the expensive ones, at a much lower price. Budget has some sparkle and will fill a space impressively.