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Table Lamps

Table Lamps

About Table Lamps

Table lamps are a special form of lighting because that they are portable. Rearranging the furniture in a room? No problem--just move the lamp over there, where you need light. Moving to a new house? You can take them with you, whereas you usually cannot take the ceiling fixtures.

With thousands of table lamps to choose from, how can you make a choice that is right for you? Start with what you need light for and where you need it. This will determine the size and brightness of the lamp. Then look around the room. What is your style? We have table lamps to fit every possible scenario. Find rustic lamps for log cabins, stately classic lamps for traditional living rooms, colonial brass lamps for libraries, or delightful toy-like designs for children's rooms. Tiffany, Victorian, and craftsman style are appropriate for period houses. Hard or soft contemporary fit the decor of a modern home.

The finish on a lamp will often give a clue to what style it goes with. Chrome or nickel finishes are modern. Bronze or brown tend toward traditional. Gold and brass can be classic or colonial.

Our Standard Table Lamps category covers the most popular sizes used in living areas and includes typical dimensions ranging from 15 to 22 inches wide X 20 to 36 inches high. For example, living rooms require larger lamps with at least 100 watt equivalent bulbs in order to spread light out into the room so that people can see well when they are walking through the room or visiting with friends. A tall lamp on an end table also provides good reading light next to armchairs and couches. In family rooms they provide light needed for playing games or working on hobbies. For use in bedrooms, 20 to 26 inch lamps are a good size on nightstands next to a bed for reading. A three-way bulb is nice for the option of lower light at times.

Buffet Lamps are a type of lamp configuration that is narrower and taller in proportion-usually the shades are no wider than 11 inches. While this type is usually used on buffets in dining rooms, it is great to put light anywhere in the house where the supporting furniture is against a wall and you need a slim profile.

Accent lamps are just that-bright little accents where you want to bring light to dark corners. These are not bright enough to read by or do tasks by. They are intended as interior design elements and can make a room come alive at night.

We have a large selection of desk lamps in a multitude of styles, from classic to modern. Profiles include upright or swing-arm. Most have multiple ways to adjust them so you can put the light right where you need it as you work. Home office and students' rooms are obvious places desk lamps are used but they are effective in any room of the house where tasks need a close-up light source-like sewing or doing crafts.

Our selection of piano lamps is complete, covering all types of pianos from grand to uprights. Styles from traditional to contemporary are available, all with adjustments possible for putting light on sheet music just the way you need it. Several different types of bulbs are available, from incandescent warm light, to fluorescent, to cool-to-touch LED. Not all of our piano lamps are in table-top form; some for grand pianos are made as free standing floor lamps with adjustable boom arms.

Finally, a table lamps selection would not be complete without lamp shades. Our collection includes different sizes, colors, and materials.