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Rustic and Lodge Lighting

Rustic/Lodge Lighting and Home Decor

About Rustic/Lodge Style

Rustic style lighting is perfect for lodges, western homes, log cabins, and anywhere the interior design of a room has a rough natural theme. Rustic light designs feature acorns, pinecones, birds, leaves, forest animals, mountains, trees, fish, hunters, fishermen, cowboys, canoes, and teepees. Colors are close-to-nature; brown, amber, earthtone yellow, and green. Materials include real cast-off deer and moose antlers (or reproductions), actual wood bark, branches, twigs, rawhide, mica, and brown-finished metal.

Rustic chandeliers can come in a variety of sizes, from a size appropriate for a home dining room to extremely large custom chandeliers made for large public lodges. Table lamps are excellent for a rustic living room or a "man cave".

In a western home or log cabin for continuity of design even the bathroom needs a rustic theme, so vanity lights are available in several configurations to meet that need. There are long ones that stretch across the wall above a mirror, with western panorama or animal themes, and vanity lights with multiple shaded lights, displaying all manner of trees, leaves, animals, and even antlers.

Rustic outdoor lighting adds a special touch to the exterior areas, often wooded, surrounding a rustic home.