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Accent Tables

Currey and Company 4000-0006 Rodan Accent Table

24"H x 19.75"W x 10.75"Deep

Currey and Company 4000-0007 Cyathea Drinks Table

26.5"H x 11.75"W x 11.75"Deep


Currey & Company 4000-0015 Luca Drinks Table

24.25"H x 10"W x 10"Deep

Currey and Company 4096 Bangle Table

27"H x 18"W x 14"Deep

Currey and Company 4104 Hookah Accent Table

23"H x 16"W x 16"Deep


Currey and Company 4161 Campo Accent Table

23"H x 18"W x 18"Deep

Currey and Company 4168 Utopia Accent Table

25.75"H x 21.375"W x 13"Deep

Currey and Company 4188 Dasari Accent Table

21.5"H x 15"W x 15"Deep


Currey and Company 4189 Pascal Accent Table

20.25"H x 12.25"W x 12.25"Deep

Currey and Company 4190 Belrose Accent Table

26.5"H x 15.875"W x 15.875"Deep

ELK Home 1114-232 Brussels Side Table

22.6"H x 20"W x 20"Deep


ELK Home 1114-301 Scotch Mist Side Table

24"H x 20.5"W x 20.5"Deep

ELK Home 1114-407 Split Personality Accent Table

18"H x 19.5"W x 19.5"Deep


ELK Home 1203-007 Rubric Accent Table

19.68"H x 23.62"W x 23.62"Deep


ELK Home 1241-001 Emett Accent Table

25"H x 16"W x 16"Deep

ELK Home 1241-002 Susan Accent Table

22"H x 12"W x 12"Deep


ELK Home 157-008 Cubo Concrete Cube Table

19.7"H x 19.7"W x 19.7"Deep

ELK Home 157-032 Industrial Warp Side Table

17.7"H x 15.7"W x 16"Deep


ELK Home 157-033 Delana Side Table

18.1"H x 19.3"W x 19"Deep

ELK Home 157-034 Tonga Side Table

21.70000"H x 18.1"W x 18"Deep

ELK Home 157-080 Sempre Accent Table

14.96"H x 19.69"W x 19.69"Deep


ELK Home 162-001 Teak Natural Stacking Tables

24"H x 20"W x 20"Deep

ELK Home 162-003 Teak Table With Angular Base

21.5"H x 21.5"W x 21.5"Deep

ELK Home 162-022 Teak Natural Slab Bar

56"H x 7"W x 8.5"Deep


ELK Home 3138-412 Cannes Accent Table

21.06000"H x 15.94000"W x 15.94000"Deep


ELK Home 3169-120 Dexter Accent Table

18"H x 16"W x 16"Deep

ELK Home 3169-124 Louisville Accent Table

23"H x 22"W x 22"Deep

ELK Home 3169-126 Les Revoires Accent Table

24"H x 16"W x 14"Deep


ELK Home 3169-143 Clancy Accent Table in White

25"H x 16"W x 14"Deep

ELK Home 3169-150 Clancy Accent Table in Black

25"H x 16"W x 14"Deep

ELK Home 3187-018 Parton Bar Table in Dark Pewter and Galvanized Steel

41.38"H x 22.88000"W x 22.88000"Deep


ELK Home 351-10294 Olympus Accent Table

24"H x 20"W x 14"Deep

ELK Home 351-10559 Rhythm Kings Accent Table

11.8"H x 11.8"W x 18.9"Deep

ELK Home 351-10573 Scorpius Accent Table

31"H x 27"W x 27"Deep