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Gold Finished Mirrors

Currey and Company 1088 Aline Mirror

42"H x 42"W x 1"Deep

Currey and Company 1090 Margate Mirror

45"H x 30"W x 2"Deep

Currey and Company 1108 Folium Mirror

31"H x 31"W x 1.25"Deep


Dimond 173-006 Mirrored Wall Decoration

48"H x 31"W x 1"Deep

Dimond 5132-023 Akahanga Wall Mirror

39.76"H x 39.76"W x 1.97"Deep

Dimond 8990-016 Meandros Cast Greek Key Mirror

24"H x 24"W x 1"Deep


Dimond 8990-041 RSVP Mirror

32"H x 32"W x 1"Deep

Dimond 8990-049 Goldgrass Wall Mirror

25"H x 25"W x 5"Deep

Dimond 8990-050 Zakros Wall Mirror

25"H x 25"W x 1"Deep


Elegant Lighting MR-2042 Antique Mirror

48"H x 28.75"W x 2"Deep

Frederick Cooper 296032 Lucia Gold Mirror

23.5"H x 17"W x 1.5"Deep


Sterling 351-10178 Geometric Wire Mirror

31.4"H x 31.4"W x 6"Deep

Sterling 40-1704M Floral Scroll Mirror

48"H x 29"W x 2"Deep

Sterling 40-2470M Capetian Mirror

43"H x 55"W x 2"Deep


Sterling 40-2630M Frederick Medallion Mirror

39"H x 35"W x 3"Deep

Sterling 55-213 Abberley Beveled Mirror

40"H x 40"W x 1"Deep


Sterling 55-216 Brackenhead Mirror

36"H x 36"W x 2"Deep

Sterling DM2028 Syracuse Mirror

32"H x 32"W x 1"Deep


Wildwood 300852 Lucius Mirror - Gold

46"H x 28"W

Wildwood 300871 Sun Shield Mirror

36"H x 36"W x 1.75"Deep

Wildwood 301145 Athena Large Mirror

40"H x 40"W x 2"Deep


Wildwood 301148 Luton Mirror

40.5"H x 35"W x 1.5"Deep

Wildwood 301344 Fiona Mirror

48.75"H x 30.75"W x 2"Deep